I am lucky. I am lucky that at a young age I discovered my extreme love of creativity with food and the endless limits it gives. Even while writing this I am in disbelief that those early discoveries have led me here: to a website surrounded by my work and a place to share creativity.  

 I am launching this space partly to  showcase the work I do, and have done with several teams of great people, but overall this is a place  to share. Sharing and collaborating is a rarity in this profession. I don't need a book deal to share and connect. I want to build a resource for the benefit of anyone who is interested. I am attempting to create something that I wish my younger professional self would have had as inspiration. As a young pastry chef, I followed the blog of a pastry chef and was greatly impacted by what I discovered, but I wanted more.  From this desire the ButterLove&Hardwork site was born.

This website is a continuation of my blog, where I felt limited. By offering recipes and videos, this website allows a larger platform of sharing my work. Culture is a page dedicated to the things, companies, tools, charities and chefs I love. In the store, limited edition t-shirts can be purchased with the proceeds going to various charities related to the food world. Flash recipes can also be purchased in the store, a recipe online for 24 hours for only $5. The Instagallery is my up to date Instagram account as it happens in the kitchen. In the Film section you can watch the various videos I have done throughout my career, as well as videos featuring my collaboration with videographer Colin Clark. To Connect with me, just click connect! 

This is just the beginning, I'm not sure what is to come but I'm extremely happy to have a space for sharing all of these exciting things. Im happy to work for a company like Four Seasons that sees the same benefit in this that I see: to INSPIRE. I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for visiting!

chris ford