600 Grams 62% Satilia Valrhona 

200 Grams 46% Bahibe Valrhona 

225 Grams Butter 

550 Grams Milk 

100 Grams Trimoline 

5 Grams Salt


1. Place both chocolates together onto Silpat and bake in 350f oven for 12-15 minutes, depending on how far you wish to take the flavor.

2. Combine trimoline, milk and bring to a scald.

3. Transfer chocolate into cylindrical containter and strain the cream over the chocolate.

4. Immersion blend the hot cream into the melted chocolate to emulsify.

5. Add soft butter in pieces and emulsify (some small pieces of chocolate may remain due to the baking of the chocolate)

6. Take the ganache to 88f to fill into truffle molds or allow to crystalize fully overnight to scoop and enrobe with chocolate.