Strawberry Breakfast jar

Yogurt Diplomat Creme


600 Grams Whole Milk

1 Vanilla Bean 

200 Grams Sugar 

8 Grams Yolks 

88 Grams Cornstarch 

300 Grams Greek Yogurt

300 Grams Whipped Cream


1. Combine yolks and cornstarch together in medium bowl, whisk to combine.

2. In a medium sized pot bring milk, vanilla bean, sugar to a rolling boil.

3. Carefully temper the hot milk mixture into the yolk/cornstarch mixture, whisking to combine.

4. Return the mixture back to the pot and cook the pastry cream until it has thickened, continuously whisking. 

5. Be sure to cook pastry cream until it has boiled to ensure the cornstarch has been fully cooked out.

6 Immediately strain the hot pastry cream and transfer to shallow container with plastic wrap directly touching to ensure no skin will form. Allow to chill overnight.

7. Once fully set, transfer pastry cream to food processor and process until completely smooth.

8. Whip cream and yogurt in a stand mixer until medium-stiff peaks have formed.

9. Fold cream/yogurt mixture into processed pastry cream until fully combined.

10. Portion the yogurt diplomat cream at the bottom of the jar.

Grain Granola


834 Grams Oats 

120 Grams Flax Seed

66 Grams Bran Flour 

66 Grams Milk Powder 

197 Grams Sesame Seeds 

197 Grams Sliced Almonds 

24 Grams Cinnamon (ground) 

24 Grams Orange Zest 

231 Grams Apple Juice 

197  Grams Honey 

255 Grams Brown Sugar 

131  Grams Golden Raisin 

131 Grams Dried Cranberries


1. Mix all dry ingredients together minus the dried fruit.

2. Spread evenly over sheet pans in one thin layer.

3. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 300f, granola should be golden brown.

4. Cool to room temperature on pans.

5. Transfer cooled granola in large bowl, mix by hand.

6. Add dried fruits and reserve in airtight container.

Jar Assembly:

1. Place a scoop of grain granola on top of the layer of yogurt diplomat cream.

2. Place a layer of diced strawberries or fresh fruit.

3. Place a layer of dice bananas on top of strawberries.

4. Place another layer of granola and top with shaved dark or white chocolate.

5. Serve and enjoy!