255 Grams Cream 

150 Grams Yolks 

600 Grams 66% Valrhona chocolate 

2 Each Gelatin sheet 

1000 Grams Cream, whipped

Peppermint extract to taste (depending on brand)


1. Melt chocolates over double boiler.

2. Whip cream and extract to soft peaks, reserve in walk-in.

3. Scald cream and dissolve bloomed gelatin.

4. Temper hot cream mixture into yolks.

5. Chinois anglaise into chocolate and whisk to emulsify, process in Robocoupe.

6. Cool anglaise to 110f before folding in a 25% of the whipped cream to loosen the texture then follow with the remaining cream in three stages.

7.  Fill into desired molds, vessels for serving.