Pistachio mousse

Caramelized panna.jpg


255 Grams Cream 

2 Grams Salt 

150 Grams Yolks 

400 Grams Valrhona Opalys White Chocolate 

200 Grams Felchlin Pistachiosa 

150 Grams Sicilian Pistachio Paste 

5 1/2 Each Gelatin Sheets 

800 Grams Cream



1. Melt white chocolate, pistachio paste, and pistachiosa in double boiler.
2. Whip second cream to medium peaks, reserve in walk-in until needed.
3. Bring first cream and salt to scald, dissolve bloomed gelatin.
4. Temper into yolks and whisk to combine.
5. Strain anglaise into chocolate to create ganache, process in food processor until smooth.
6. Add 25% of whip cream to ganache to temper.
7. Add remaining 75% of cream and fold.
8. Portion into desired molds or allow to set overnight before using.