255 Grams Cream 

2 Grams Salt 

150 Grams Yolks 

400 Grams White chocolate 

200 Grams Pistachiosa 

150 Grams Pistachio paste 

5 1/2 Each Gelatin sheets 

800 Grams Cream


1. Melt white chocolate, pistachio paste/oso in double boiler.

2. Whip cream to medium peaks, reserve until needed.

3. Bring first cream/salt to scald, dissolve bloomed gelatin.

4. Temper into yolks and whisk to combine.

5. Strain anglaise into chocolate to create ganache, process in food processor.

6. Add 25% of whip cream to ganache to temper.

7. Add remaining 75% of cream and fold.

8. Portion into desired mold or allow to sit overnight to use in pastry bag.