toffee lace tuile



1,000 Grams Sugar

250 Grams Water

200 GramsButter


1. Bring sugar and water to medium caramel in a large pot.

2. Add butter in small pieces, emulisfy into caramel off the heat with a whisk, ensuring it does not break.

3. Pour onto Silpat lined ½ sheet pan, store in air tight container until use.

4.  To use, process toffee in food processor until small pea sized pieces have formed. 

5. Transfer toffee pieces to coffee grinder and process until completely smooth, sift through a fine mesh strainer.

6. Using a stencil of choice or free form, sift the toffee powder over Silpat in a thin even layer.

7. Place in 325f oven and allow toffee to melt, leaving tiny holes.

8. Once the toffee has fully melted, remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature.

9. Using a small off-set, gently remove from Silpat and store in air tight container until use.